Beard Shaping Tool Trimming Guide


    100% Original & High Quality

    The Best Template for Your Beard Shaping! (Bigger & Easier)

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     Color: Transparent / Blue


    • 1 pc high-quality beard shaping tool (Package by OPP)


    •  NEW DESIGN - This beard shaping tool combines and improves upon all of the best features from existing tools on the market. This new bigger template is perfect for maneuvering around larger beards and is also easier to grip and manipulate.
    • SIMPLE AND EASY TO MASTER - Use the handy leveling marks as a reference to achieve a symmetrical look quickly and easily! Just place the guide to your face in the desired position and let your razor do the rest! If you have trouble, it comes with a quick reference user guide to keep you on track, no more mistakes!
    • SEMI-TRANSPARENT DESIGN - The tool is semi-transparent, enabling you to see your beard underneath but allowing you to focus on the shape of the line you are cutting without getting distracted.
    • CHOOSE FROM A VARIETY OF STYLES: - The tool can be flipped around in different positions allowing you to achieve a Curve Cut, Step Cut, Sideburn Cut, Curved Goatee, Straight Cut, Straight Goatee, Precision Mustache & Neckline. Can you be used around both long beards and short stubble?
    • THE PERFECT GIFT - This grooming tool is the perfect accessory to the style-conscious bearded gentleman's toolkit, order yours today.